MITS Exchange: 95% would attend again

Submitted on: Tue, 11.25.2014 03:25am - Annie Eissler |


If you are a regular reader of our blog, you know that we took a risk with the format of MITS Exchange and it really did pay off. 95% of attendees surveyed said they would attend MITS Exchange again.

Here are some comments captured in the post-event survey:

The road mapping sessions were fantastic! They really opened up discussions on how folks use MITS currently and want to use it in the future.

The open agenda/forum worked really great for addressing product questions/concerns.

It is nice to know that my input will influence some of the decision-making regarding MITS product plans.

The entire event was well done.

It was great to have the developers, engineers, consultants, the office staff, the executives, professional services as well as the sales team in one place. It was really nice to speak to them on an individual basis.

As a newcomer to MITS it was a valuable learning experience.

It was a good chance to network with other MITS users, which is important for any tools we invest in and use daily.

I appreciated the opportunity to learn from others and to help guide specific training sessions.

We are brand new to the MITS products but it was great to see how committed you are to improving and advancing your products for customers.

After attending the Exchange, I feel less like a customer and more like a partner of MITS.

Stay tuned for the date and location of MITS Exchange 2015!