L&R: A leader in MITSifying their business

Submitted on: Fri, 12.12.2014 07:06pm - Annie Eissler |


We've been discussing innovative ways our customers our using MITS and thought we'd share some examples from L&R Distirbutors, a leading supplier of general merchandise and beauty products based in New York. When it comes to maximizing the value of and investment in reporting and analytics, L&R Distributors is leading the pack.

Here are just a few of the ways Marc Bodner and the L&R team are “MITSifying” their business:
1.    Communication portal – we have not seen any other distributors modify their reporting system so notes can be added to KPIs, customer, or accounts as L&R has done
2.    Customer margin analysis – tracking sales rep contacts/calls and integrating sales rep payroll and expenses gives L&R a truer picture of productivity and customer margin
3.    Fulfillment analysis – comparing vendor fill rates to customer fill rates at buyer, major group, and product levels to better identify and address inventory and fulfillment issues –  internally and externally

Read more about how L&R is using MITS reporting and analytics solution for Epicor Prelude on our website.

Have an innovative or interesting way that you are using MITS? Send us an email so we can share your experience with others.