Learn Why Data Driven Decisions Matter at APIC

Submitted on: Wed, 02.25.2015 02:29am - Annie Eissler |


We are excited to have been chosen to lead a session at the upcoming Advanced Profit Innovation Conference (APIC), taking place March 16 & 17 in Scottsdale:

Data-Driven Management & Decision-Making
Featuring Gary Owen, President, MITS

Just as Sandra Bullock's character in the 1995 movie "The Net" found herself in a sinister world held hostage by a faceless hacker collective, so too are those of us in the distribution industry -- held hostage not by hackers but by our data systems, especially our ERP.

During this session, Gary will discuss how we got here and why you must take back control of your business. He will share practical steps for ensuring that your ERP is not making decisions for you.

If you are attending APIC, Gary's session is not to be missed.