Introducing Will Eng, MITS Director of Software Operations

Submitted on: Fri, 01.24.2014 01:52am - Annie Eissler |


I took a few minutes this morning to catch up with MITS' “new” Director of Software Operations Will Eng. While Will is new to this role, he is not new to MITS. Read on to learn the backstory.

Career Cliff Notes
When I finished college, I joined a local company, Seattle Filmworks, as a software tester. In 2004, I left to start up the testing/QA function at MITS. For the next six years I served in a variety of roles at MITS: QA Manager (2007); Engineering Manager (2008); and Software Operations Manager. I left MITS to get some big company experience at Coinstar (now called Outerwall).

Why did you come back to MITS?
When MITS contacted me to consider returning, I thought this would be a great way to apply all of the best practices I acquired at Outerwall. MITS has a great team and there is much I can now do to help scale the software and operation, and grow the business.

What three things are you excited to help make happen at MITS in 2014?
I am excited about:

  • Penetrating new markets
  • Implementing software solutions that are robust, maintainable, and scalable
  • Providing customers more value through new and exciting features

What do you think your colleagues would say about you?
That is hard. I think they would say that I am a trustworthy and reliable manager; that I understand all facets of the software development process; and, that I am good at pulling teams together to achieve a common goal.

What are you passionate about?
Long distance road cycling (yes, sometimes I even wear one of those cycling outfits). Hiking. Snowboarding. Technology and gadgets (don’t ask my wife about this!).

Favorite food
Hmmm, I’d rather not have to eat or sleep because there are so many other interesting things to do.

Favorite vacation spot