How to Eliminate up to 80 Hours of Report Writing Time

Submitted on: Wed, 12.24.2014 12:29am - Annie Eissler |

Last month we partnered with TUG to host a webinar with several of our A+ users. We asked them to share the benefits they've seen from using the MITS reporting and business intelligence solution. Here are 3 results they shared:

  1. MITS saves a lot of report writing time—anywhere from 10 to 80 hours per month!
  2. MITS gives sales staff visibility into product categories that are falling, even in accounts where overall sales are rising
  3. MITS has driven past due AR down by 50%

Hear more insights from Shawn Kaelber (Midwest Packaging Solutions), Brennan Radmer (Tapco), Joe Hampton and Eric Siepiela (Top Notch Distributors) by listening to the webcast: