FlexPAC Maximizing Data & Insights from DDI Inform with MITS

Submitted on: Fri, 05.01.2015 07:17pm - Annie Eissler |


I had a chance to catch up with Steve Russell, CFO of Indianapolis-based FlexPAC, a leader in innovative creative packaging and facilities solutions since 1985. With 25+ solutions providers and specialists--in areas ranging from automation and package design to cleaning procedures--working in unison, FlexPAC has the resources and experience to solve virtually any challenge. The company’s culture is both value-based and customer-centric, with a commitment to helping customers “gather data, gain insights, reduce costs” driving daily interactions and decisions across the 82-person company.

Data and insights are equally important inside the company as they are when interfacing with customers, especially in terms of mining the rich operational information stored in their ERP system, DDI Inform.

“While the DDI Inform ERP meets our needs, the system’s built-in reporting tool is just too complicated for our non-technical users,” said Steve. “With outsourced IT and limited in-house report writing resources, we needed a better way to get performance information into the hands of our staff. MITS enables any user that has been granted access with the ability to view and drill into the information they need to make better decision. MITS’ point and click interface and self-service drill down capabilities are exactly what we needed for our business.”

FlexPAC is still in the early stages of implementation but already has some excited early adopters.

“We have already incorporated use of MITS into our staff meetings, and are thinking about directed questions that can be answered using MITS,” said Steve.

Steve also thinks that MITS is so easy to use that FlexPAC may be able to bridge the generation gap when it comes to using technology. In fact, Steve says he thinks that “even some of our most techno-phobic team members will get on the MITS adoption train.”

Down the road, Steve envisions every member of the company having a dashboard in MITS where they can track the metrics they are accountable for and measure progress towards their own personal goals.

“We believe that if we want to assist customers in the management of their business, we have to operate by the same philosophy.  Access to better data and insights doesn’t just help our customers be more successful, it also helps FlexPAC be a more nimble, and ultimately more successful, company.”