Denco Keeps an Eye on What's Important with MITS

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Denco Keeps an Eye on What's Important with MITS

I had a chance to catch up with Ken Von Wald, President and CEO of Denco Sales Company, at our annual user conference, MITS Exchange 2016. Boy am I jazzed about what he had to say about how his team is putting analytics to work.

Data-driven Denco, a leading distributor of visual communications products, chose MITS to help manage new business opportunities, and existing customer and supplier relationships. “We needed a tool that could help us quickly assess how a customer is doing, relative to commitments they’ve made to us—and commitments we’ve made to them,” said Ken.

And MITS is giving them just that.

The super neat thing? Analytics took off “like a wildfire” at Denco!

“Once people started seeing success of the early MITS adopters, everyone just started gravitating towards it, and sharing what is making them more effective, making them more money, and making the company more money.”

Listen in for more insights from Ken von Wald at Denco Sales: