Dalco Benefits from MITS for Infor A+ Integration

Submitted on: Fri, 04.15.2016 10:00pm - Annie Eissler |

According to Kurt Anderson, VP of IT at jan-san distributor Dalco Enterprises, his company spent a lot of time building scorecards for each department so they could review weekly metrics.

When Kurt learned that MITS Distributor Analytics was already integrated with the Infor A+ ERP system, he knew he’d found a match for his company’s needs.
With MITS pre-built scorecards scheduled to run on a weekly basis to department heads, Kurt can rest assured that everyone is singing off of the same sheet of music when it comes time for status meetings.
Watch this short (less than 2 minutes) video to learn more ways MITS is helping Kurt and Dalco Enterprises:

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