A Couple of Good Reasons to Become A Data-Driven Executive

Submitted on: Mon, 03.03.2014 10:28pm - Annie Eissler |


According to Aberdeen Group's "Executive's Guide to Effective Analytics" report, good things happen from a business performance perspective when senior executives get involved in the creation of analytics-driven insights. Results from a survey of 116 executives (including some from Wholesale Distribution!) shows that executives that are highly satisfied with their firm's analytical capabilities experienced high levels of customer satisfaction and growth in operating profit.

Executives that are leading their companies into the future with data-driven decision-making also define and measure operational KPIs, have a single source for operational performance info, and establish data access controls to mitigate risk.

Aberdeen Group's recommendations for analytics success? They include:

  1. Have a formal data strategy
  2. Get your KPIs in place
  3. Offer your team flexible tools for reporting and analytics

Learn more about the survey results by reading Aberdeen Group's "The Executive's Guide to Effective Analytics."