• The Real Drivers of Profit...Really

    Submitted on: Tue, 01.13.2015 11:26pm - Annie Eissler


    Distribution industry darling Al Bates has just published a new book covering insights from 885 distributors across 17 lines of trade on the topic of profit drivers. REAL Profit Drivers: Managing the CPVs is now available for purchase online from the publisher, the National Association of Wholesale-Distributors. The study claims to be a real myth buster when it comes to what actually drives profits in a distribution business.

  • How to Eliminate up to 80 Hours of Report Writing Time

    Submitted on: Wed, 12.24.2014 12:29am - Annie Eissler

    Last month we partnered with TUG to host a webinar with several of our A+ users. We asked them to share the benefits they've seen from using the MITS reporting and business intelligence solution. Here are 3 results they shared:

  • Tech Tips: Single Sign-On

    Submitted on: Wed, 12.17.2014 08:28pm -

    Both MITS Discover and MITS Report support single sign-on.
    Here’s some information about what you can do with this feature and how to set it up.

    What is it?
    Single sign-on is a feature that allows a user to sign in to a third party software solution and be simultaneously logged into MITS.  It essentially allows a secure MITS login to occur in the background, without going through the standard login interface.

  • Month End Reporting Magic

    Submitted on: Mon, 12.08.2014 09:35pm - admin

    Note: The following blog post was written by guest blogger Andy Weith.

    How many reports do you run at month end, manually selecting a new date range each time?

  • BI vs CRM: Which should come first?

    Submitted on: Wed, 12.03.2014 10:49pm - Marie Haydock


    There are benefits to using both a business intelligence (BI) solution and a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. I’m personally a big advocate for both.

    But which solution should you implement first?

  • Tech Tips: Customizing Emails in MITS

    Submitted on: Mon, 12.01.2014 11:43pm -

    Being able to email MITS reports to others is a great way to share views of your data.  Whether you’re new to MITS or you’ve extensively used the email feature, there may be more you can do with it than you realize.  The following are a few helpful options for making sure you’re getting the most out of this feature.

  • Replacing Hyperion Brio with MITS Report: Session 2 (Zero Price Report)

    Submitted on: Wed, 10.22.2014 11:52pm - Gary Owen
  • Why wait?

    Submitted on: Mon, 09.29.2014 07:16pm - Annie Eissler


    Note: The following blog post was written by guest blogger Andy Weith.

  • Row, row, role your security, quickly and smoothly into place

    Submitted on: Tue, 09.16.2014 07:27pm - Colin Sherman

    I do a lot of demonstrations, so I speak with hundreds of distributors over the course of a year. Things go a lot smoother when the audience feels free to speak, ask questions, and generally make noise.  Otherwise, it feels like I am sitting there speaking to myself.  Frankly, I'd rather be asked any kind of question, or even get yelled at, then to have an audience that is silent.

  • 5 Surprising Metrics to Measure in Your Distribution Business

    Submitted on: Thu, 09.11.2014 07:11pm - Annie Eissler

    If you are like many wholesale distributors today, the terms “data”, “metrics”, “KPIs”, “business intelligence”, or maybe even “big data”, are buzzing around in your brain. Your team is likely doing some level of reporting and analytics on your company’s operational performance and opportunities. But is it enough…and are you focused on areas that can have a quantifiable impact on your business?