• MITS Training: Unified Authentication in MITS Discover 10.1/MITS Report 3.5

    Submitted on: Sat, 11.12.2016 12:26am - admin

    The latest releases of MITS Discover (10.1) and MITS Report (3.5) offer an option to authenticate MITS Report users against MITS Discover, and in turn against Active Directory. Join Brandon Wright, Customer Success Manager/MITS Subject Matter Expert, for a short training session on this feature, including the pros and cons of unified user authentication.

  • Metrics That Matter: 2 Dashboards Every Distributor Should Have

    Submitted on: Thu, 03.31.2016 03:28am - Annie Eissler

    You can't take corrective action if you don't realize there is a problem. Our distributor analytics customers know that dashboards can help you uncover all sorts of problems (and opportunities!).

  • When We Don’t Believe Our Data

    Submitted on: Mon, 03.28.2016 06:01pm - Annie Eissler


    Note: The following blog post was written by guest blogger Andy Weith.

    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This phrase is used to describe a subjective approach to art, and whether or not it is “good” or “bad” it cannot apply to data, where an objective view is necessary. This may seem straightforward and to many folks, myself included, begs the question “Why does this matter, facts don’t lie?”

  • Tips for success with distributor analytics: make it easy or no one will use it

    Submitted on: Tue, 03.01.2016 07:00pm - Annie Eissler


    Earlier in this blog post series we shared the importance of finding the right tool set and using those tools to empower your team. Today’s tip? Make the distributor business intelligence solution you roll out easy to use.

  • Tips for success with distributor analytics: empower your team through transparency

    Submitted on: Thu, 02.18.2016 07:00pm - Annie Eissler


    In the first of our blog post series tips for success with distributor analytics, we discussed how important it is to pick the right tool set to get real-time insight from your business data. The next tip we’d like to share is the importance of empowering your team. That means giving them both the right tool set and more transparent access to your data.

  • Tips for success with distributor analytics: Pick the right tool for the job

    Submitted on: Wed, 02.10.2016 07:00pm - Annie Eissler


    We’ve talked with a lot of wholesale distributors over the decades and have gleaned some real nuggets of wisdom along the way.  We’re happy to share some of these with you in our ‘tips for success with distributor analytics’ blog post series, and in our latest ebook.

  • Is Your Brain Playing Tricks On You?

    Submitted on: Fri, 09.18.2015 07:05pm - Kelsey Hamon


    During his “TUG Talk” at TUG Connects 2015 in Washington DC, MITS President, Gary Owen, speaks about decision making as it applies to the way we do business and how we may not be seeing the whole picture.


  • Analytical vs Tactical Reporting: How They Fit Together

    Submitted on: Thu, 06.18.2015 09:46pm - Annie Eissler


    If you are thinking about reporting and BI implementation and user adoption, listen in as MITS President Gary Owen talks through a recent customer session focused on analytical vs tactical reporting.

  • MDM Reports: Dashboards & Scorecards Take the Lead

    Submitted on: Tue, 06.16.2015 08:30pm - Annie Eissler


    In case you missed the news last month, our friends at MDM reported that dashboards and scorecards are winning the analytics capabilities race. Almost half (44%) of the respondents to the MDM-Baird Distribution Survey reported that their data analytics capabilities have matured to the extent that they are now using dashboards and scorecards. Compare this to the percentage of respondents that describe their analytics maturity level at:

  • MITS Report: Ad-Hoc Reporting for Non-Technical Users

    Submitted on: Tue, 03.17.2015 01:11am - Annie Eissler


    You may have seen a few posts on this blog about MITS Report, our ad-hoc reporting solution. For example, Gary Owen wrote about why Self-Service Reporting is Hardly Selfish, and guest blogger Andy Weith wrote Why Wait? and Month End Reporting Magic.