• 10th Day of MITSness: A Daily Dashboard for Sales Reps

    Submitted on: Wed, 12.23.2015 06:26am - Annie Eissler


    We had a great turnout for the short (30 minute!) webinar we held in September, featuring MITS President, Gary Owen, showing how your sales team can use a daily dashboard to prioritize customer outreach, identify sales opportunities, and catch concerning accounts before it’s too late.

    Check it out:

  • 9th Day of MITSness: Integrating Analytics Into Your Business

    Submitted on: Tue, 12.22.2015 07:47pm - Annie Eissler


  • 8th Day of MITSness: More Lessons in User Adoption

    Submitted on: Mon, 12.21.2015 06:00pm - Annie Eissler


  • 7th Day of MITSness: Analytical vs Operational Reporting

    Submitted on: Fri, 12.18.2015 04:28am - Annie Eissler


    In June, I asked MITS President, Gary Owen, to explain the difference between analytical and operational reporting, and why when used together they support the needs of a distribution business.

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  • 6th Day of MITSness: Dashboard Design & Analytics Adoption

    Submitted on: Fri, 12.18.2015 04:19am - Annie Eissler


    In July, we hosted one of our most popular webinars, featuring MITS President, Gary Owen, talking about how smart dashboard design can drive the adoption of analytics in a distribution business.

    Check it out:

  • 5th Day of MITSness: Lessons in User Adoption

    Submitted on: Thu, 12.17.2015 05:41am - Annie Eissler


  • 4th Day of MITSness: Analytics, Productivity, and Profits

    Submitted on: Thu, 12.17.2015 04:13am - Annie Eissler


  • 3rd Day of MITSness: What, IT-Free Ad Hoc Reporting?

    Submitted on: Thu, 12.17.2015 03:52am - Annie Eissler


    We saw a lot of interest in the ad hoc, operational reporting piece of our MITS Distributor Analytics solution this year.

    The bottom line? More and more wholesale distributors want to empower their executives and non-technical users to run their own ad hoc reports using the data in their ERP and other systems.

  • 2nd Day of MITSness: Analytics as a Revenue Enhancement Tool

    Submitted on: Tue, 12.15.2015 07:00pm - Annie Eissler


    In March 2015, we spoke with Steve Luteran, Industrial Marketing Manager, at Trumbull Industries, Inc., a wholesale distributor serving Contractors, Plumbers, Industrial Manufacturers, Mechanical Contractors, Municipalities, and Utilities.

    Trumbull used MITS to create a customer-facing dashboard for key integrated supply customers. The dashboard includes a range of useful metrics pulled from their ERP system, including:

  • 1st Day of MITSness: Thoughts on User Adoption

    Submitted on: Mon, 12.14.2015 07:37pm - Annie Eissler


    Adoption [uh-dop-shun n.]: the act or process of beginning to use something new or different.

    In early 2015, MITS Sales Executive, Nick Matras, shared some of his thoughts on user adoption in a series of blog posts:

    Thoughts on BI User Adoption: Part 1