Are You Responsibly Managing Your Business?

Submitted on: Thu, 10.22.2015 11:21pm - Annie Eissler |


I just got off the phone with a fairly new customer whose company has been using MITS Distributor Analytics for about a month. Here is what the President of this tire distributor had to say:

"We now have a much clearer picture of the data in our Infor SX.e system, and can easily drill down and across that data to truly know what is going on. If sales of a particular brand are down, we can quickly see which customers and/or SKUs are causing the problem. Our sales reps use it to evaluate their overall territory and individual accounts. Frankly, I don’t know how we responsibly managed our business before MITS. Where we used to only see a portion of our performance data, now we can access and analyze it all."

So...are you responsibly managing your business?