Analytics for Syteline: So What?

Submitted on: Tue, 07.31.2018 09:32pm - Kelsey Hamon |
Analytics for Syteline: So What?

Lately it seems you can’t read a publication in the manufacturing world that doesn’t tout the many benefits of analytics for staying competitive and growing your business. But how can analytics help your company?

Join MITS for a webinar where we will explore the many ways using analytics with your Syteline ERP can help your organization capture more cash, boost profitability, and increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

During this webinar, we’ll show you specific examples of how even the most non-technical, non-analytical users can: 

Track performance against company goals – align your team around company goals and get visibility into their success—or identify performance in need of improvement

Discover problems you may not know about – easily spot numbers trending the wrong way and quickly drill down to find and fix the source of the problem

Improve sales team performance – with scorecards that identify the most important accounts and information to focus on, sales reps can increase the quality of their calls, and see where they might be losing out to competition

Get visibility into your inventory – see component sales and items that go into a BOM so you don’t get surprised

You’ll also get to see the MITS solution in action, including a demo of some of the pre-built and customizable reports, dashboards, and scorecards covering sales, inventory, purchasing, and more, that come ready to run for Syteline.

Analytics for Syteline: So What?
Tuesday, August 14, 2018, 10:30 am PDT | 1:30 pm EDT