9th Day of MITSness: Integrating Analytics Into Your Business

Submitted on: Tue, 12.22.2015 07:47pm - Annie Eissler |


In 2015, we expanded our focus on helping distributors drive adoption and integration of analytics across their operation by launching the Business Integration Program. This new program offers three service tiers to help distributors understand what their data means and how to apply it to daily business decisions.
"Although analytics software has significantly advanced in the last two decades, the ability for many distribution companies to integrate it into their business has not. Through 19 years of experience helping distributors meet their business intelligence needs, we’ve seen time and again that those companies that successfully implement analytics across their operation achieve the greatest ROI. We have put all of the best practices learned over the years into the MITS Business Integration Program so that any company—small or large—can learn to use their business data to make better decisions at every level of their operation."
Gary Owen, President, MITS
To deliver the Business Integration Program services, MITS partnered with Andy Weith of ASW Global Consulting, a consulting firm launched in 2007 to perform business process reviews and gap analysis for distributors. Andy has implemented and supported a wide range of software—covering Infor SX.e, TWL, MITS Distributor Analytics, ecommerce, help desk, and more—for dozens of distribution companies, including Crescent Parts & Equipment, a St. Louis, MO-based HVACR distributor.
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