8th Day of MITSness: More Lessons in User Adoption

Submitted on: Mon, 12.21.2015 06:00pm - Annie Eissler |


In June, I had a chance to speak with with Shawn Kaelber, Director of Information Technologies at Midwest Packaging Solutions, about the impact MITS has had at his company, especially in terms of changing behavior.
Shawn gave an example associated with the application of the Texas A&M customer profitability model at Midwest Packaging:
“We created reports in MITS showing the ratio of orders to deliveries, and found that in some instances we were doing too many deliveries per order. By changing the behavior of when and how orders have been delivered, we’ve been able to impact the bottom line. And from the sales reps’ point of view, this change increases the commissionable margin, meaning more money in the sales rep’s pocket too."
Read the blog post to learn more about how reporting and analytics is changing behavior, and improving results at Midwest Packaging.