7x7: Supply chain experts weigh in

Submitted on: Wed, 11.11.2015 07:26pm - Kelsey Hamon |


We were thrilled to be contacted by Tom Peric, editor of Distribution Center Magazine (the official magazine of HARDI), when he recently chose 7 supply chain experts to weigh in on 7 questions about what makes THEM so special as a vendor to HVACR distributors.

Here are two of MITS President, Gary Owen’s, responses:

…on why someone should choose MITS over a competitor

Getting the right data to the right people at the right time requires a deep understanding of the processes, systems, and challenges faced by our customers. This belief is the foundation of our company strategy, and HVACR distributors will find industry standards and best practices built into the software and content that come out of the box.

Other reasons distributors chose MITS?

Ease of use: MITS Distributor Analytics (MDA) is designed to meet the needs of the nontechnical user.  Anyone can log in, drill down, and run or schedule a report with minimal training and no impact on your operational systems.

Quick installation: We are intimately familiar with the data structures of the operational systems (e.g., Infor SX.e, Epicor Prophet 21) commonly used by HVACR distributors, so installation is quick, including validation that the data in MITS matches your ERP.

…on whether MITS focuses on one end of the supply chain or the other: enhancing profitability or increasing the revenue

As a reporting and analytics solution, MITS Distributor Analytics supports both ends of the supply chain improvement spectrum – enhancing profitability and increasing revenue:

Improve profitability

MDA provides visibility into the margin breakdown for individual customers, products, product lines, warehouses, pricing programs and other attributes, allowing sales staff to focus on retaining the most profitable customers and product lines.

Increase sales

MDA helps sales reps easily spot customers with declining sales, drill down to analyze why and develop strategies to mitigate the decline, such as better pricing terms for increased volume or resolving product issues.

Maintain the right investment in inventory

MDA helps use operational system data to maintain the right stocking levels, eliminate items that don’t sell to improve ROI and increase profitable items that are selling.

Read more from MITS and the other 6 vendors at  Supply Chain Experts Sound Off.

Thank you Tom, HARDI, and Distribution Center for inviting us to participate!