5th Day of MITSness: Lessons in User Adoption

Submitted on: Thu, 12.17.2015 05:41am - Annie Eissler |


In March, guest blogger Andy Weith shared some of his thoughts on user adoption:
So much time and research goes into selecting new software solutions for our businesses. Does it do what we want (and then some)? Will our ROI be 6 months or 2 years? Will it be a solution we can continue to grow with 5 or 10 years from now? Will it help us innovate and lead our industry?
Why, oh why, do we spend so little time making sure our users actually put it to use and reap the benefit?
Well, we made just this blunder at Crescent Parts & Equipment a few years back. We implemented the awesome reporting and analytics software called MITS, but failed initially to get users to actually utilize it! We then scrambled to figure out an adoption plan, and ultimately succeeded in motivating users to harness the power MITS put at their fingertips.