5 reasons you don’t need distributor analytics

Submitted on: Tue, 04.04.2017 07:56pm - Annie Eissler |
5 reasons you don’t need distributor analytics

You can’t read a publication in the distribution world (or business in general!) that doesn’t tout the many business benefits of analytics for staying competitive and growing your business.
Enough already.
Here are 5 reasons why you wouldn’t need a distributor analytics solution:
You have 100% retention of your best accounts
All of your accounts only increase in sales and margin. You have the same boring top 20 accounts year after year and none of them ever drop off. And if one of them starts to drop off a little you have easy visibility into what’s going on so you can fix it right away. Then you’re good. You might not need a distributor analytics solution.
You already know where your sales growth is going to come from
You know where your sales reps should be spending their time because you have deep visibility and instant alerts about customers that could quickly and easily transition from $20,000 accounts into $200,000 accounts. Then you might not need distributor analytics.
Every sales call is meaningful
Your sales reps never just show up and ask, “Is there anything you need?” as their standard line. They are having quality sales conversations every time so reviewing a customer dashboard remotely right before they walk into a meeting wouldn’t help. Among many other metrics, they already know what that customer is buying, what they are not buying, and how that compares to similar accounts and historical data at a glance. Then you might not need distributor analytics.
Your company is profitable enough 
To make a higher margin percentage would keep you up at night. Knowing where pricing overrides are happening and where you should be able to make more based on comparisons between similar customers, products, and vertical markets might drive up that gross margin. That seems like an unfair pricing advantage. You definitely shouldn’t use distributor analytics.
You like it when your competition has an advantage
It’s ok that the other guys are using distributor analytics against you. Fighting against an unfair advantage will toughen your sales reps up! They’ll get soft if they don’t have to fight so hard in the market.  No need for distributor analytics for you!
If a distributor-specific analytics solution would be a complete waste of time for your business, don’t bother reading the Perspectives from a Sales Rep Skeptic blog post, watching this five minute video preview of a distributor analytics solution, or learning how role-based analytics can help every member of your team be more successful every day.
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