4th Day of MITSness: Analytics, Productivity, and Profits

Submitted on: Thu, 12.17.2015 04:13am - Annie Eissler |


In April, MITS President, Gary Owen, had a conversation with executives from two HVAC distribution companies on the topics of data, business intelligence, and user adoption. Check out some of the highlights of this conversation in this series of blog posts:
That Really Got People Starting to Think
When Crescent Parts & Equipment’s President, George Giudici, started to ask his staff specific questions that they could answer using the MITS reporting and analytics solution, such as “Who are your top ten customers by growth under this dollar value? What are we looking for in this data? What does it tell you?”, that really got people starting to think about why they would want to go deeper into the data rather than just looking at a snapshot, closing the spreadsheet, and moving on with their day. READ MORE
Getting to That Aha Moment
It has become a general trend in business that more data, as opposed to more emotion, is needed for growth. With many management conversations now centering on the data —  "What do the numbers say?” — the challenge is to get your team to that “aha moment” where they finally understand the relevancy of data to their job and business life. READ MORE
Who Do You Want to Do Business With?
Imagine a sales rep goes to see a customer with a problem and instead of having to wait weeks to get back to them with details, they can pull out their tablet and, in a couple of clicks, resolve the problem or get the answer. Isn’t that the kind of distributor you’d want to do business with? READ MORE