4 Ways Darcoid Nor-Cal Seal Puts Data to Work

Submitted on: Mon, 09.26.2016 08:41pm - Annie Eissler |
4 Ways Darcoid Nor-Cal Seal Puts Data to Work

I spent some time recently with Brian Poggetti, Director of Finance & Operations at Oakland, CA-based Darcoid Nor-Cal Seal, a growing distributor of seals to the life sciences, semi-conductor, automotive, fluid power, and other markets.

Brian joined Darcoid in 2012 after stints in a CPA firm and Silicon Valley start-up. “When a friend recommended I meet with Darcoid President Bob Loback, I was impressed by his passion and vision for this business, and excited about the possibilities for re-shaping the company’s operations for growth. I am very happy with my decision to join Darcoid, and love coming to work each day.”

When I first sat down with Brian, I also found that he “loves MITS,” the reporting and analytics solution the company uses for their Epicor Prophet 21 ERP system. During our time together, he shared with me some of the ways Darcoid is using data to streamline operations and meet the company’s 5-year growth goals:

  1. Transactional Staff KPIs – Tying daily transactional activities to Darcoid’s broader goals and initiatives is a top priority. Brian is working with his team to identify and implement KPIs for transaction staff using MITS. This initiative involves adding headcount and budget detail into their MITS solution.
  2. Lost Customers – Being able to affectively present and analyze their data has been instrumental in identifying “lost” vs “declining” customers, which in turn drives the appropriate strategy for outreach to customers.
  3. Data Cleansing – Cleaning up the data in their P21 system, especially product groups and product classifications, is also a top priority. MITS has helped Darcoid identify where to focus their data cleansing energies.
  4. Customer Conversations – The sales team is using MITS to conduct onsite customer reviews, with the data driving the conversation with customers. Brian is currently re-working the layout of the sales rep and customer scorecards that ship with MITS to make it easier for their reps to both “digest” and “action” the data.

“Like many distributors, we suffer from the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ syndrome,” Brian told me. “The kind of deep reporting and analysis we are able to do using MITS is instrumental in helping us break through business processes that are no longer serving us.”

Send me an email if you'd like more specific details on how MITS is helping Darcoid!