2nd Day of MITSness: Analytics as a Revenue Enhancement Tool

Submitted on: Tue, 12.15.2015 07:00pm - Annie Eissler |


In March 2015, we spoke with Steve Luteran, Industrial Marketing Manager, at Trumbull Industries, Inc., a wholesale distributor serving Contractors, Plumbers, Industrial Manufacturers, Mechanical Contractors, Municipalities, and Utilities.

Trumbull used MITS to create a customer-facing dashboard for key integrated supply customers. The dashboard includes a range of useful metrics pulled from their ERP system, including:

  • Activity by Lines & $ Invoiced - Current Month, Prior Month, YTD
  • Savings - Current Month, Prior Month, YTD
  • YTD Top 10 Consolidated Invoices
  • Spend by Department - Current Month, Prior Month, YTD
  • Requestor Current Month, Prior Month, YTD
  • YTD Top 10 Suppliers
  • YTD Top 10 Manufacturers
  • YTD Top 10 Account Codes
The cool thing about this dashboard? Customers can review these metrics at a glance on the dashboard and then quickly and easily drill down into the underlying details through the MITS web-based reporting interface.
The dashboards help Trumball keep existing business...and get more business. READ MORE
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