2014 Was a Year of Acceleration

Submitted on: Tue, 12.30.2014 07:03pm - Gary Owen |

It has been another great year here at MITS. As if working with our fantastic community of staff, customers, and partners wasn’t enough, here are 4 advances we made this year that I am particularly proud of:

  1. Our two new content modules, Pricing and GL analysis, are being very well received in the market, delivering powerful business intelligence that hasn’t yet been available to many of our customers. These modules were designed by two of our newer staff members in close collaboration with customers and exceeded the goals I set at the start of each project.
  2. The new performance enhancements we made in our core product will enable us to release more products, more quickly. This is an area that required some very strategic and tricky enhancements to a core area of the product and the results have been not only dramatically faster, but with no defects reported from the field after the initial beta process.
  3. Our first user conference took place in early October… we were all a little nervous for our sessions and how the event would be received but it went even better than we expected. We asked all of the attendees to participate in providing feedback on every aspect of MITS and boy did we get a lot of it. Our customers are bright and ambitious, and it shows. Plans are already underway for MITS Exchange 2015.
  4. We partnered with another ERP solution provider, DDI, demonstrating once again that MITS solution is the best when it comes to reporting and analytics for wholesale distributors.

On top of all that?

We brought a record number of new customers into the MITS community in 2014. Many of these customers heard about us from others in the distribution community which means we must be doing something worth talking about.

Now that is something to toast as we ring in the New Year.