1st Day of MITSness: Thoughts on User Adoption

Submitted on: Mon, 12.14.2015 07:37pm - Annie Eissler |


Adoption [uh-dop-shun n.]: the act or process of beginning to use something new or different.

In early 2015, MITS Sales Executive, Nick Matras, shared some of his thoughts on user adoption in a series of blog posts:

Thoughts on BI User Adoption: Part 1

User adoption considerations should be part of every software implementation plan. This becomes even more important with BI software because, while these tools can help people work more effectively, whether people use them is often left to individual choice. Contrast this with other systems, such as an ERP, which are required for performing the work processes in a distribution company.

In order for a BI tool (like MITS) to succeed, it can’t be seen as one more thing people have to do or make time for. It should provide people with easy access to relevant and useful information that helps them do their job more effectively, while also making the company more profitable and successful. It might be something people review at the start of their day or beginning of the week, or before they talk with a customer or vendor. It should alert them when exceptions occur, like when a sales order is generated that contains a zero price or a low margin, or when a product is returned. READ MORE
BI User Adoption Part 2: What Information is Needed?
It’s not uncommon for new MITS customers to find 80 percent of their reporting needs met on day one using our premade content. Since everything is categorized by function, it’s easy to locate and manage. Review this premade content and then sit down with people from the various business functions throughout your company to see what they want:
  • What metrics are used to monitor and manage the business processes within your company?
  • Does your company have a target level for inventory, turns, gross profit percent, and GMROI?
  • Do your associations or trade groups publish metrics or benchmarks that your company wants to track?
Determine whether you will need to make any modifications to the premade content or create any special reports for your users. READ MORE
BI User Adoption Part 3: Access Preferences
Getting people to access and use the information served up by a BI solution is perhaps the biggest challenge of all. Not everyone is a “data geek” like the people here at MITS. We realize distributors have employees who span the continuum of technical proficiency, from people who are analytic-oriented and tech savvy to others who use their PCs for sending and receiving email and little else. This is true with every distributor we work with, even the most aggressive users of MITS. But don’t worry, we took this challenge into consideration when we designed our reporting and BI solution, and any other provider you consider should have as well. READ MORE
Check back tomorrow for the 2nd day of MITSness blog post!