Tapping into people power for two decades

Since 1996 our powerful software has not just unlocked information buried in our customers’ information systems, but also the potential that each and every one of their employees has to solve problems and find opportunities. It’s the power of this potential that excites us and we’re passionate about building the software that helps your business tap into it.

Experts in analytics software, distribution, and the supply chain

Distribution and manufacturing are complex businesses. To deliver real value, a deep understanding of supply chain operations and associated information systems is essential. Since 2009 we’ve focused on just that, and are as familiar with terms like GMROI and inventory turns as we are with understanding the data structures of leading ERP systems.

Our solution is packed with hundreds of pre-built tools developed for distributors and manufacturers, so our customers can be more productive from day one—something that’s not the case with generic analytics tools or even some packages targeted at these markets.

We ask, listen, and act

We know that really great software can’t be developed in a vacuum. That’s why our customers are an integral part of our development process. We proactively solicit feedback and suggestions, and learn from each and every customer engagement.

We combine these learnings with our own vision to build our roadmap and deliver software that makes a real business impact.

Trusted by over 400 distributors and here for the long haul

We’re proud that over 400 distributors trust our software to help them make better decisions. We know that trust is earned and kept through our delivery of great software and excellent customer care. As our customers have grown, so have we. With solid backing and our long-term commitment to the distribution sector we’re looking forward to the next 20 years of growing in partnership with our customers.

David Spence, President

"MITS helps us quickly and easily identify areas of concern so we can focus our resources on solving the operational problems we’ve identified across the company."

Les Johnson, VP/CIO

North Coast Electric Company
"MITS has dedicated resources to understanding the Eclipse ERP system and the electrical distribution industry. We have been very satisfied with MITS. From day one they’ve been very responsive, and we’re impressed with the integrity and caliber of their people. I can’t think of an instance where they didn’t try their very best to meet our needs."

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