What is MITS Distributor Analytics for Infor A+?

More than just an add-on reporting package, MITS for A+ is a powerful business intelligence and analytics solution designed specifically for Infor A+. MITS provides greater insights into your business and helps you make better decisions faster.

Why MITS for Infor A+?

We’ve been delivering proven reporting and analytics solutions for Infor A+ since 2012. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you get the best insights from your business data. Read on for a few more good reasons to join the distributors already making better decisions with MITS Distributor Analytics for A+.

The right tool for the job

A+ is designed for processing and storing large volumes of business transactions, such as customer orders, vendor purchases, and invoice lines. It’s not designed to effectively analyze customer buying patterns, track vendor performance metrics, or monitor sales trends. You need a purpose-built tool like MITS for that. 

MITS for A+ provides point and click business intelligence and analytics tools that extract real answers—and actionable insight—from mountains of A+ transactional data.

Specifically designed for A+

With MITS for A+ you’re not getting a ‘vanilla’ reporting or BI tool, but a solution specifically designed for, and integrated with A+. Our deep understanding of A+ data structure, architecture, and technology is reflected in the powerful dashboards, scorecards, and reporting tools that make your team instantly more productive.

Efficient data extraction and so much more

A+ data structures can sometimes be complicated, with code that needs to be pulled apart and reconstructed for accuracy. With experience extracting data out of hundreds of different types of databases, we know how to efficiently extract A+ data and turn it into usable information and insight.

Use MITS for Infor A+ and you’ll be in great company

Shawn Kaelber, Director of IT

Midwest Packaging Solutions
"MITS has really opened our eyes. Prior to using MITS, the integrity of the data we were looking at wasn’t complete. Our sales reps now have a better understanding of what is happening with a customer before they walk into the door, and our executives know what is happening with any given product throughout the year. We know what information we can confidently get out of our Infor A+ system to make better decisions."

Brennan Radmer, IT Manager

Tapco, Inc
"I would certainly recommend the MITS for A+ solution to other companies. The amount of time involved for us from when the install began to implementation to roll-out to wide adoption has incredibly taken less than 90 days. We have already identified some areas where we had lost a portion of our customer’s business but their overall spend was up so the change in the product mix they were buying wasn’t identified prior to MITS."

Tapco, Inc

Learn how Tapco, Inc. uses MITS for insight, time savings, and fast ROI

Top Notch Distributors (2:21)

Value from your MITS for A+ investment on day one

Hit the ground running with hundreds of role-based dashboards, reports, and scorecards—designed specifically for A+ and honed by our decades of experience working with distributors. Explore the showcase below to see just a few of the great business intelligence and reporting tools that you’ll get with your MITS for A+ implementation.

MITS Distributor Analytics for Infor A+ includes:

Accounts Payable Module

Accounts Receivable Module

Bookings Module

GL Module

Inventory Module

Open Orders Module

Open Purchase Orders Module

Open Quotes Module

Purchase Order History Module

Pricing Module

Purchasing Module

Sales Module

+ More

Learn more about MITS Distributor Analytics for A+

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