Why MITS Distributor Analytics

Because every decision counts

MITS Distributor Analytics gives you a competitive edge when it comes to making decisions that impact sales, inventory, accounts receivable, purchasing, pricing, general ledger and more. Start from scratch to build custom reports to your own specifications. Or, get a jumpstart on reporting and analysis with a set of standard dashboards, scorecards, and hundreds of interactive reports specifically designed to answer the most common distributor questions.

Custom analytical reporting (MITS Discover)

Create, save, and share strategic analytical reports highlighting trends and anomalies across time using the existing data in your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other business systems
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Standard analytical reports, dashboards & scorecards

Get 200+ standard‒and customizable‒reports that answer common distributor questions in sales, inventory, accounts receivable, purchasing, pricing, and general ledger
Access Report Lists for Your ERP

Custom operational reporting (MITS Report)

Generate ad hoc operational reports showing detailed transactions, lists, and summaries of information in your ERP, common databases, or Microsoft Excel
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Custom dashboards & scorecards

View performance at-a-glance with a range of key metrics and report summaries on a single dashboard. Or create scorecards for a specific entity, such as a customer, product line, sales rep, or branch
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Designed for Distributors

We’ve been helping distributors use the data in their systems to make better decisions since 1996. From the kind of reports you run to the data in them, MITS Distributor Analytics answers your most pressing questions and empowers staff at every level to make better, more informed decisions.

Closely watch your most important asset: inventory

Optimize your inventory by sorting products into groups to locate where you are making a good return on investment and where resources could be better allocated. Plus, easily find areas where stock is being quickly depleted or growing unchecked with inventory on hand analysis
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Track sales action

Analyze margin, sales, and unit trends over time to make better purchasing, promotion, staffing decisions with sales analysis
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Keep the cash flowing

Maximize your cash flow with accounts receivables analysis
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Audit pricing programs

Evaluate how your pricing programs impact profitability to know where to focus your energies for maximum impact
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Maximize vendor performance

Evaluate vendor fill rates, errors, and on time delivery with purchasing analysis
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Monitor financial trends

Spot expense spikes and gaps in budget to actual across the company and individual branches
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Single reporting solution, comprehensive benefits

MITS Distributor Analytics is designed to give executives and other non-technical users desktop and mobile access to the data buried in your ERP and other systems. No need to burden IT. No need to wrestle with Microsoft Excel. Just the right information at the right time using a single, flexible solution. By making it easy to identify root causes, trends and opportunities, MITS Distributor Analytics raises performance to a new level across your organization.

Comprehensive business intelligence solution

Give your staff an easy to use tool and framework for accessing and analyzing business data

Establish one version of the truth

Get everyone on the same page with a consistent data set and single solution for reporting and analytics

Secure and in control

Control who has access to what information‒even down to a specific data field or set of data in a report‒with role-based access control

Free up IT

Automate routine reports and let your staff create their own, without impacting the underlying data stores and operational systems

No data left behind

Access data from your ERP, other operational business systems, and Microsoft Excel

Drive adoption

Roll-out in weeks, access unlimited training, and get your team excited about reporting and analytics with an intuitive, familiar interface

Accessibility from anywhere, on any device

MITS Distributor Analytics is 100% Web browser-based, making it easy to run and view reports from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. With real-time facts and trends at their fingertips, your staff will have the intelligence they need during customer meetings and vendor negotiations—no matter where they take place.

No apps required

Access the same, familiar user interface via a web browser on any device – desktop, tablet, smartphone

Centralized administration

Deploy and upgrade from one central location, saving IT staff time and resources