• MITS Training Webinar: Intro to MITS Discover for End Users

    Submitted on: Wed, 05.10.2017 08:18pm - Annie Eissler

    Whether you are new to using MITS Discover or simply in need of a basic refresher, register for our next training webinar covering the basics of using MITS Discover.

  • Scott Industrial Systems keeps outside sales productive with distributor analytics

    Submitted on: Mon, 05.08.2017 11:05pm - Annie Eissler

    Chris Grudich, CFO for Scott Industrial Systems, a full line fluid power distributor, needed a more efficient and timely way of getting data into the hands of their outside sales team—one that didn’t require someone spending most of their Friday creating and emailing reports using data pulled out of their Infor SX.e system.

  • CPE Credits Now Available for MITS Exchange Attendees

    Submitted on: Mon, 05.08.2017 07:26pm - Annie Eissler

    Here is one more reason to take advantage of super early bird registration pricing for MITS Exchange 2017, our fourth annual user conference: we are now offering documentation for CPE credits!

    This year’s agenda will be jam packed, with new sessions covering the recent releases of MITS Discover and MITS Report, as well as an exciting major release scheduled between now and October.

  • Analytics delivers pick and zone restructure insights in 10 minutes

    Submitted on: Wed, 05.03.2017 11:56pm - Annie Eissler

    I just came across this post by Andrew Weith of ASW Global Consulting on the TUG Forum and had to share it:
    In working with a client earlier this week, I suggested their storage of products was 'backwards', meaning fast moving product was furthest from the docks and slow moving was closest. It was an observation with merit but we couldn't possibly invest in flipping the building on it's head based on what I 'think' is occurring.

  • MITS Release News: Discover 10.2.2 and Report 3.6.1 Now Available

    Submitted on: Wed, 05.03.2017 12:23am - Annie Eissler

    We’ve just released updates to MITS Discover (10.2.2) and MITS Report (3.6.1). Contact our support team to see if your company would benefit from these point releases.